About Artificial Intelligence and emotions

will AI move beyond cold reasoning? does it need to?

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It’s year 2052 and you are sitting in front of the most advanced Artificial Intelligence humanity has been capable to produce. What is it like? I’m not asking whether it is embedded in a terminal or into an android, but how does it behave, what is it capable of and what it is not. (…)

Preliminary definitions:

  • What are emotions
  • Difference between emotions/consciousness/instinct
  • ??? Three preliminary questions:
  1. Does intelligence imply consciousness? NO
  2. Is consciousness necessary for emotions? YES
  3. But.. Is emotion helpful for intelligence? For humans, it is

What I cannot create, I cannot understand

Donato Crisostomi
Donato Crisostomi
Ph.D. candidate in Computer Science

My research interests revolve around artificial intelligence, in particular causality, meta-learning and geometric deep learning, especially when graphs are involved.